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  • steph
  • Better Than Home....
    Date : 2014-02-18 10:00:04  
    Rating : Excellent

    I have visited Kefalos for the past 9 years sometimes more than once a year. Every time you see a Greek you are welcomed like they have known you for years. Its a quiet relaxing place so if you like lively places this isn't for you. It's my little bit of heaven. I can't wait to call this place 'home'

  • john
  • sheffield
  • reaxing holiday
    Date : 2011-05-07 17:52:18  
    Rating : Above average

    we have been to kefalos 7or times now a great little place to relax the locals are people we have stayed at kontessa loveley and clean maids can be rude but nice when you get to know them andreas down near the harbour very good place to stay andreas and his wife rita are very helpful and friendly hermes very quiet but out of the way zeus is fine if you like the hotel life no fridges in the rooms a bit pricey at the but very clean place marias bar on the front fantastic little place mano and yiannis very friendly people the drinks are good a very well priced draught beer particualy good and only1.50/euro captain john and sebastians are probably the best two tavernas we have found the food is very good and the familys that own are realy friendly and will remember you you need a car to get around buses are fine but unrelyable sometimes there are some lovely beaches on the way to the airport weve tried them all but best one by far is sunny beach realy relaxing the restuarant is run by a lively couple called gainnis and nectari very good food and fantastic looking in the sea whilst you enjoy a meal and nice glass of local red wine so anybody wanting arelaxing break you will not go far wrong here we will be back very very soon

  • cathy ainscough
  • liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Dimitris Studios
    Date : 2010-11-06 21:31:05  
    Rating : Excellent

    I stayed at Dimitris Studios in Kefalos several years ago and again Sept 09 and its still wonderful, pretty budget friendly accomodation. The studios are one of the most pleasant places we have stayed in all the Greek Islands we have visited. The studios are basic but clean bright and airy in a lovely location down a quiet lane with pretty gardens,with a 5 minute walk to the beach tavernas and bars. The owners are so friendly and the nicest of people you could meet, Dimitri is the local school teacher. A lovely place to stay with a relaxed homely atmosphere and a true feeling of Greece.

  • Dave & Dawn.
  • E/mids.
  • Kefalos
    Date : 2010-09-19 05:00:08  
    Rating : Excellent

    First about ourselves, young at heart 50 somethings.Done Agios gordis Corfu last 6 years,ready for a change. Just returned from 2wks in Kefalos. We loved it!! Stayed at Artemis studios Very central,spacious very,very clean,could not fault them.28 degree Sunsets looking up to old village on balcony with a cold one or two.. We hired a quad (first time ever) from Manolis , best thing we did .We went to paradise/bubble beach a lot of days stunningly beautiful had great days. Tavernas,after trying different ones the first week, all good. we settled into Galini restaurant every night the second week ,never many in, but only because its off the main strip.its at very bottom of the hill leading to the old village next to kamari bay hotel ( no connection).Family run as most are but the quality and taste of the meals surpassed others .Find It. Bars , again many to chose from, we used Marias (the brothers bar ) on the harbour road,relaxed,yet attentive,always a friendly crowd in. For a late,late, one it has to be Sydneys further down same road.. To sum it up we had the best holiday ever and have booked for next year..

  • c pitman
  • nuneaton
  • kefalos
    Date : 2010-01-20 02:59:32  
    Rating : Excellent

    Have just booked our 8th holiday to kefalos and cant wait although quiet it is the best place to meet real greek people eat fab food and swim in clear clean waters. we stay at the savvas studios which is right on the beach over looking the small island, savvas is also a restaruant and bar , all cooking done by mum Sevestine and the best home cooking around,If you dont like to drive on holiday no problem the local bus takes you to a few resorts, beaches and of course kos town.If you like to relax and chill on holiday then kefalos is the place for you.See you in july, come and join us for a drink at savvas.

  • Brian & Doreen Kershaw
  • Kefalonions The Locals Ha Ha
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:58  
    Rating : Excellent

    The locals are great in Kefalos, we have been 5 times. This year will be are 6th. If there is a Paradise its KEFALOS! we love the place. Ok its Quite but thats part of its Charm unspoilt by noisey Drunks & Loud Disco Bars. It has Sydneys which gets it JUST Right, Good Music, Karioke, Swimming pool at Breakfast everything for a Great Time. Then theres MONDIAL BAR! Really Greek, Two lovelly Sons that run the bar & "MAMA" (Sematina) hope thats correct. They will go out there to Help you any way they Can!. ACRAPOL Maria Maria She`s the Star here !!!! George on sentry for your Needs, Then its Maria Maria "Great". Theres Beaches, Tavernas, Water Sports, Supermarkets EVERYTHING 4 a GREAT HOLIDAY....Brian & Doreen. PS we will be there 3rd Oct 4 two weeks Iam the Good lookind One Ha Ha YAMAS.

  • c pitman
  • nuneaton
  • kefalos
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:57  
    Rating : Excellent

    Have just booked our 8th holiday to kefalos and cant wait although quiet it is the best place to meet real greek people eat fab food and swim in clear clean waters. we stay at the savvas studios which is right on the beach over looking the small island, savvas is also a restaruant and bar , all cooking done by mum Sevestine and the best home cooking around,If you dont like to drive on holiday no problem the local bus takes you to a few resorts, beaches and of course kos town.If you like to relax and chill on holiday then kefalos is the place for you.See you in july, come and join us for a drink at savvas.

  • Merv Lamb
  • Medway
  • Kefalos
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:57  
    Rating : Above average

    Just had our 10th Visit to Kefalos, and for us it cannot be faulted. Party Town it isn't, but if you are looking to escape the rat race existence of Home then look no further. Kefalos is a relaxing no Hassle Holiday. More info at. http://www.kefalos.me.uk/index.php

  • Gitte Hougaard
  • Denmark
  • Paradise Beach / Kos
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:57  
    Rating : Excellent

    Me and my 3 sons are going to Kos this month for the 3. time, and we are going to Paradis beach, because it is a great place. The water and the sand is clean and there are some goog restaurants at the beach.We simply love Kos and paradis beach.

  • JOHN & LIA
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:57  
    Rating : Excellent

    ZEUS HOTEL is FANTASTIC! June-08 From the moment we arrived we were struck by how clean and tidy the hotel is. The Lounge/Bar area is very comfortable, the room was a good size and well layed out, the pool is superb! Probably the best located hotel in Kefalos being set back away from the main roads and farly private, little bit away from the main centre of bars/restaurants, but there is plenty of quality choice nearby and the Beach is a just a short walk away! The Owners, Staff and Family were very nice and friendly! they layed on a Bbq/Greek night which was great fun! We couldnt have wished for a better place! RECOMMENDATIONS: GOOD EATING RAINBOW TAVERNA RESTAURANT : Is a must visit! Fantastic Food and Quality Service at a Good Price! along with the biggest size portions around. Mike and Ianis are very welcoming and entertaining. Try the BBQ Chicken! Check out Mikes dancing here > http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=WADfwC2-efg ?not our video!? MANOS - 24hrs : Great (gyros) Kebab and chips! CAR/QUAD RENTAL MANOLIS - very close to Zues Hotel. Best Prices, no hidden costs - No extra insurances needed or deposits - No fuss! Good Quality Service! (We did get stung by two other firms) SUPERMARKETS Plenty of shops and do shop around, prices vary alot! Good one at the end of the lane that runs past Zues Hotel, nice afternoon walk. THINGS TO DO Visit ZIA! about 20-30 mins drive towards Kos town, Fantastic Mountain side taverns and shops. Explore all the roads leading from and around Kefalos old village, you never know where they lead you but you'l enjoy the fantastic views and find the unexpected! ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY! WE DID AND WE WILL BE BACK.

  • Sheila & Brian
  • Isle of Wight
  • Kefalos
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:57  
    Rating : Excellent

    Just returned from 15th visit in 9 years for 17 days in Kefalos - early May 2008. Absolutely wonderful! Such a restful, friendly, welcoming resort. Stayed at Christina's studios called Sevoyla on main road (though access is via beach road) opposite Manolis car & bike hire. They are clean and fresh, changed sheets & towels every 2 days,20-30 euro/day - right on the beach. Go and see her - she is wonderful! Can't wait till September to go for 16th visit! xx

  • angela
  • stirling
  • kefalos
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:57  
    Rating : Excellent

    i was in kelafos last year. it was fantastic experience. the people are very friendly and the food is excellent. if you want to hire a moto or quad you should go to katerinas motorbikes, great prices and good discounds. kefalos forever the best place i have ever been.

  • peter liz marshall
  • halifax west yorks
  • kefalos
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:57  
    Rating : Excellent

    been to kefalos for the last ten years never had any problems everyone very friendly look forward to going again 2008

  • Deb
  • Portsmouth
  • Kefalos
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:57  
    Rating : Excellent

    Well this aug/sept was our 4th yr in kefalos. Just love the place. The greeks are so friendly. I only have one gripe and that is the way they treat there animals. Cats are almost vermin to them and those poor dogs tied up away from the house hardly ever having any human contact. I almost wonder why they both to have them at all, it cant be to protect their property. Every year there has been at least 2 strays with their only out look to be poisoned at the end of the season. Kefalos has great beaches and you wont struggle to find some where to eat. Plenty of water sports or just relax in that blazing sun. I can see another holiday there coming up.

  • Bev
  • Co. Durham
  • Kefalos
    Date : 2007-05-12 03:21:18  
    Rating : Excellent

    this year it will be our sixth time in Kefalos, its just like going home, we have made some fantastic friends among the locals (even walking half a mile with water from our local supermarket. i can recommend Galini restaurant for delicious home cooked food and a great welcome and Melodys bar for a great night out.

  • evie
  • Manchester
  • kefalos Kos
    Date : 2007-03-20 17:34:30  
    Rating : Excellent

    We have been to Kos 3 times and are going again this year. We usually hire a car and get about a bit but always go back to Kefalos, it's such a lovely place to stay in,having stayed on the main road driving into it and we have stayed near the harbour, I would prefer to be at the harbour end.It's nice and quiet so we had no disturbances at night but yet there are plenty of bars to go to at night. We used to go to Memories, good place with a pond in the middle of it with terapins in, always had enjoyable music on the screen.The bars are pretty good at this end of Kefalos, and kept us amused at night, sat looking out to sea with a lager in front of you watching the lights from the ships going by, and the vast sky in front of us full of stars, I just loved it sat there getting merry. The beach varies from shingle to sandy beaches, there's a beach at the end near the island,where the ruins are and it's gorgeous you can go out quite far without it getting too deep,sandy bottomed, I love it in September when the seas are warm from all summer in the sun.Go to Kos town where there is a good mixture of things to see,We love the old sights, just mixed in the middle of everything and they don't even charge you to visit.They are just sat in the middle of town and you can wander into them with no problem. The little tourist shops are lovely mingled into the little streets and then walk down to the beautiful harbour, which I think is awesome with the big wall to the right of it. Then get one of the many boat rides down the coast to Kardemena, they are not too dear. Or a ferry across to Turkey that's another one I could go on about,I love Turkey. Just try it for yourself, there's another resort there called Tingaki, on the beach there you can look out at the islands so close and so picturesque, it's a pretty little place. I could go on all day about Kos, so I will end it here.

  • carol sleafer
  • kefalos
    Date : 2007-01-06 18:31:56  
    Rating : Above average

    Kefalos is a lovely place the people are in the main very friendly, some locals can be a little stand-offish but that is because those locals are money mad and if you are not spending with them they do not like that. Having said that the friendly ones more than make up for that. The good locals will do anything for you and you could not ask for better friends. the beaches are great, the weather is fine and there is always a lovely breeze blowing. there is plenty to see in Kos town and to keep you busy most of the day. If you like cats and kittens Kos is the place for you. The food is good and theres plenty of it too. This will be our 6th visit there this year (2007) and we have found a home from home.

  • Chris
  • athens, greece
  • Not the ideal beaches
    Date : 2006-08-09 21:45:52  
    Rating : Okay, but some problems

    Kos has some great potentials, good hotels, pedestrians, bicycle lanes and etc. What I didnt like was the sea. Those who were ok were occupied from Umbrellas or from the Hotels. I didnt like the sea at all. There are islands with much better beaches and water quality. Unless the local administration do something for the annoying umbrellas and for the beaches occupied from hotel i would reckon to search for something else if you want to go to kos only to swim

  • Robert sharp
  • Burnley, uk
  • Kefalos!
    Date : 2006-07-12 20:51:57  
    Rating : Excellent

    Just returned from a week in kefalos! very quiet - just a great place to take it easy and enjoy the weather, food, drink and atmosphere! Due to an accident in the sea i lost two teeth and required 3 stitches. the locals took me to the dentist and she fitted me in straight away! thankfully due to their help i got my teeth put back in! the residents of kefalos were very helpful and polite regarding all enquiries we had! we stopped in the dimitris appartments and these were abit basic but more than adequate! the Blue Horizon is THE place to eat - just on the beach front the views from the restaurant at sunset are breath taking! The greek night at Zia is well worth a trip - nice food, great entertainment and free wine!! i was opposed to going at first but Rachel (my other half) twisted my arm and i surprised myself by how good it was! probably the best night of the holiday. A very nice place to go - recommended! again a special thanks to the greek gentleman who took me to the dentist, the dentist herself and the owner of the Blue Horizon for being an absolute star! well worth a visit.

  • sandra costello
  • dublin ireland
  • kos
    Date : 2006-06-28 03:11:42  
    Rating : Excellent

    having spent many holidays in Kos we decided it was the perfect place to have our wedding. We married in Kefalos last year and it truly was a day to remember. We have travelled all over the Greek islands and Kos is a little bit of heaven, so much so that we are now looking for a plot of land to build a villa which will eventually be our retirement home.

  • teresa hart
  • isle of wight
  • kontessa apartments kefalos
    Date : 2006-06-18 04:16:54  
    Rating : Excellent

    just returned from a really super holiday first time to kos and it won't be our last,the apartments are great nice and big,we had a balcony that looked out to sea what a view first thing in the morning,weather was between 30-35 every day so nice and hot,pool is great kids loved it always plenty of sun beds,tried lots of taverners all great ,a must bar is acropol maria makes you feel very special.were going back next year so we must have loved it if you've never tried kos before go to kontessa apartments you will not be disappointed.

  • Laura Moran
  • Oakham uk
  • Kefalos a hoilday which feels like home
    Date : 2006-05-23 08:08:53  
    Rating : Excellent

    Went to Kefalos last summer and am going again this summer. Found it really pretty, had lots of nice restuarants and bars. Its a quite place, but perfect if your looking for a relaxing resort thats not in your face. The beach was lovely although a bit shingely which hurt my feet, however past the shingles the sea is really clear. The resort had a good amount of gify shops. It really was a friendly resort somewhere that you can really feel at home in. The weather was great and the people were to, all in all a really fab holiday.

  • Sandra
  • Clydebank
  • Kefalos
    Date : 2006-04-17 06:05:45  
    Rating : Excellent

    I was in Kefalos 2004 in July. Stayed at the Kontessa Apartments with my partner,my 2 children and my sister and her daughter. We all had a brilliant 2 weeks. The people there are very nice they make you welcome all over the Island, the Greek food took a bit of getting used to but we could'nt complain about any of the service that we had. The excursions we went on boat trip to the three Islands was good, the day trip to Turkey myself and my sister enjoyed but it was'nt for the others as all you had time for was shop and eat. We were also charged far to much for what we ate.I would not recommend this excursion if you have children. The beaches in Kos are beautiful you do pay a small fee for a sun bed. We enjoyed our holiday that much that we are going back this year in July again.

  • Jacki
  • Hornchurch
  • Kefalos
    Date : 2006-04-17 02:36:14  
    Rating : Excellent

    June will be our 21st visit. We love it. It so laid back and the people are the nicest I've ever met. Lots of nice beaches either end of Kefalos. Food is nice in all the taverna's we have eaten in. Our favorites being Kampos and Gourmet Paradise. Lots of nice bars, our favorite being the Melody bar. Lots of nice everything really...A trip to the pine forest to feed the peacocks is a must ! as is a trip to Zia. Always get or car and trips from Kefalos tours, they have been there since we have been going and recommend them... Yamos

  • richard styles
  • medway
  • its all good in kefalos
    Date : 2005-09-23 18:44:07  
    Rating : Excellent

    i have been to kos for the last15 years and after many visits to many places and towns on the island i have to say that kefalos which includes kampos and kamari bay r by far the best places on the island.you can party all night or chill in a bar overlooking the sea.....

  • Phil Lovell
  • East Sussex
  • Short holiday
    Date : 2005-09-21 07:18:53  
    Rating : Above average

    Spent week in Kefalos. Sept.2005. Beautiful scenery, very quiet (apart from motor scooters !). However, thought Kefalos lacked 'soul'. All the locals seem to live in the old village and you don't get much sense of community... No church or school ! Beach is nice. Plenty of sunbeds but sea is much colder than in Kefalonia or Crete. Plenty of tavernas. Lots of cheap 'supermarkets' but mainly selling touristy souvenirs. Friendly waitresses and food pretty good but I think that, apart from scenery, I prefer Kefalonia.

  • Giuliano
  • Napoli,Italia
  • mare!
    Date : 2005-09-17 00:07:42  
    Rating : Excellent

    estate 2005,kos! L'isola di Kos merita di esser visitata, o meglio vissuta in toto.Si riesce a conciliare relax,mare,divertimento serale,e cibo;mix Perfetto...in particolare se si esclude Kos cittą, l'isola č dolcemente ventilata in modo tale che mai si soffra il caldo.Il mare merita di esser "vissuto" nella baia di Kefalos(Paradise beach,Marcos Beach), mentre per mangiar bene e pagare il giusto basta evitare i ristoranti"turistici"(la guida lonley a tale riguardo č azzeccatissima!).Kos cittą merita per i monumenti, e per la vita notturna,le persone son sempre cortesi ed ospitali,ma da bravi greci sempre in ritardo(in particolare traghetti ed aliscafi!)Molto carino il Paesino montano di Zia,panorama spettacolare!

  • carol sleafer
  • devon uk
  • kefalos
    Date : 2005-08-29 20:59:51  
    Rating : Above average

    beautiful place beautiful people lovely beach cold sea stay away from hotel zeus if you like to sleep at night not friendly there would go to kos again tomorrow if i could.

  • Gordon McNeil
  • glasgow
  • Kefalos
    Date : 2005-07-15 01:25:30  
    Rating : Excellent

    Friendly,laid back,and just the place to unwind.Plenty of places to eat and drink.A must is a walk up to the old village,a hard walk,but worth it in the end.The view is out of this world.Also the Greek night at Zia,if you have been too other Greek nights ,this beats them all.A great night for all.Kefalos is well worth a visit,we have been back for 4 years in a row,other folk I know have been going longer than us!!Go on spoil yourself ,go to Kefalos!!!!

  • karen
  • durham
  • stamatia studios kefalos
    Date : 2005-06-26 23:43:29  
    Rating : Excellent

    just returned what an amazing place friendly, beaches stoney but quiet, booked immed for next yr

  • Tracey Powell
  • Somerset,UK
  • Kefalos
    Date : 2005-06-26 21:24:42  
    Rating : Excellent

    I've been travelling to Kefalos for the last few years, went last week of May this year & going again during the middle of October the weather's always great though can be windy at times. There's plenty of excellent sandy beaches with shallow waters,perfect for kids. Kefalos beach is lovely with lots of sand at the 'Club Med' end near the small island, also Paradise beach & Camel beach(but you'll need transport for the last two). You're spoilt for choice for food with loads of great restaurants a few of my favorites are 'Stop Inn' near the port just off the main road & 'Kastri' which is towards the Club Med end of Kefalos. If you're looking for something different to take home then 'Art House Sun' is a Must!! Great for jewelery,ceramics all very different from the usual tourist shops/supermarkets & very resonably priced, it's situated down the hill as you enter Kefalos just passed Club Med.Not had a bad holiday yet,can't wait till October.

  • Dorothy Mossop
  • newton aycliffe Co. Durham
  • kefalos
    Date : 2005-05-30 04:38:00  
    Rating : Excellent

    We are travelling to Kefalos on the 4th Jun. This will be our 4th trip in 12 years. Doesn't matter were we go Kefalos is THE place. Highly recommend the beach , the bar Scala, Bravo and in the village of Kefalos- Esmareldas. Never had a bad holiday -yet can't wait.

  • Mark Dowden
  • Lincs
  • Great holiday
    Date : 2005-05-25 22:40:32  
    Rating : Excellent

    We have just been to Kefalos 5-19 May 2005, and stayed at Dionysia. The lady who owns them is very friendly but is not intrusive. She leaves Eggs from her chickens at the back and she made us some really nice cake and bread. It was Hot 96F. Kamari Bay has big pebbles and makes it hard to get in the water also the beach that stretches around the bay is quite messy towrds the Club Med end of the bay, but there is a little beach near the harbour that is excellent for getting in the sea and it is shallow for a long way out. The resort is ideal if you want a very quiet holiday. The resort of Kamari itself seems to be suffering from lack of visiters when we went. The excursions with Olympic Holidays were rather expensive but you can get them slightly cheaper from the travel office near on the way to the harbour. The village of kefalos is up a high Hill. We found that if you went up the road you could miss out some of the road if you go through the Blue archway to a little church and then up some unmade steps which brings you out in the village.Nice Greek village. We ate at the Golden Fleece where you got big portions that were reasonably priced. Another place to go is the One Stop which is off the road down a dust path but very nice. The Blue Horizon is another restaurant worth going to. There is a bus service into kos town which goes from a bus turn around near a shop which has a sign which claims to be better than a well known british supermarket.In fact the owner is very good at giving advice as to bus times and best beaches. We got the bus to the best beach with sand called paradise beach,which is a must. To sum up it was a nice holiday but if staying at kefalos/kamari bay it might be good to search out other beaches for sand.

  • mr r purnell
  • trowbridge wilts
  • fantastic holiday
    Date : 2005-04-26 07:30:56  
    Rating : Excellent

    we went to kefalos last august and had a fantastic holiday gets a bit windy sometimes but very hot as well restaurants were very clean and food was first class our favourite was santa barbara it was nice and peacefull in kefalos the bars would have entertainment but not over the top or all night by any means we would go back anytime

  • Carol Hunsley
  • Doncaster, Yorkhire
  • kefalos
    Date : 2004-10-10 04:20:16  
    Rating : Excellent

    we have been to this resort many times since 1996. If you are looking for somewhere totally relaxing this IS the place. We can recommend restaurant Galini, to the left just before the big hill up to the old village. He also has his own studios for rent at very reasonable costs. we alwawys use White Rock travel for car hire but Chris is leaving next year. Trust are very helpful too. And hiring a vehicle of some kind is advisable if you want to see the rest of this beautiful island. PAradise beach is fantastic.You can walk out at least half a mile before the depth changes. and al the seas are crystal clear. Recommend also the two island tour if you want to snorkel on a live coral reef.. wonderful place. Greek people are very friendly.

  • Christiaan Derrick
  • Essex, UK
  • Kefalos
    Date : 2004-09-01 06:18:25  
    Rating : Above average

    Excellent place to stay, Excellent clean beach but dont forget sandals though! The 1st few feet in the water is made of stones, after that its silk smooth sand. Kefalos is much quieter than other resorts but most places are reachable if you are prepared to hire out a moped. We travelled to Kos town and visited many little places including Zia, the mountain town, and the ruins of the turkish fortress in the hills. Highlt recommend Kos island, personally I prefer it to the much busier Rhodes.

  • audrey mason
  • barnard castle, co.durham
  • kefalos
    Date : 2004-08-31 22:32:54  
    Rating : Neutral / average

    had a week there recently, very hot in august, lots of tourist shops plenty of good tavernas, especially 'rainbow' taverna on the beach. didn't hire bikes this visit as it was too hot but can recommend 'katerinas' bicycle hire can also recommend 'trust' car hire for very good friendly service.

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